Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Life…

I am a usual boy of 19 while writing this. I was born in town called Kollam district of Kerala State. I did my KG classes in Chinmaya Vidyalaya Vazhuthakaud, Trivandrum. I was an average boy. Later due to transfer of my mom from Trivandrum to Kollam. We got settled in Kollam. There started the turning point of my life. I got admission to Sree Narayana Public School, which was one of the most reputed CBSE schools in Kollam. From childhood I was very interested in Science. Later in the course of my studies i developed my interest in Physics. Which made me go crazy during my early teens. Had lot of friends. But my love to physics just got deep, but my friends got away seeing my craziness. But what ever I got from the school was just superb. During my +1 I joined for tuition for Physics, Chemistry and Math. I developed a friendship with my Physics sir. He guided me a lot in my studies. All the time I dreamt about being a part of the world responsible for the working the Universe. I loved astrophysics; Stephen Hawkins’s books nurtured the physicist in me. But my teachers and my tutors told its not that scopeful to go in pure science field. They just forced to join the professional course. But nothing bad to say about my family members, they were just so fantastic dad and mom; they gave me the full freedom for me to decide my future.

Holding a decent rank I joined the College Of Engineering Trivandrum, the first and the best engineering college in Kerala since 1939. I joined for B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.. I was a bit uncomfortable there as I was missing my school friends. Later within a few months I developed many friends in the campus with different attitude different goals to be achieved. My desires of being a Astrophysicist was almost dead in that environment. I started thinking about doing business. But no idea what business is, what the market really needs…I was just in state of illusion. Later in my S3 I came more close with my friends Deepak Kumar N D and Joji Antony. These guys were just so determined to be known personality in the field of computer science.